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EARI is focused on issues and challenges related to economic mobility, sustainability and vitality—all critical to restoring America’s competitiveness.

Insights: The Journal of the Economic Advancement Research Institute

Insights is the journal of the Economic Advancement Research Institute and includes relevant articles and cutting-edge research focused on expanding economic mobility and vitality.  A quarterly publication, Insights is a must-read periodical for anyone interested in economic and workforce development.

In this issue of Insights:

  • The New World of Work
  • An Empirical approach to Building Better Policies for Education, Employment & Economic Opportunity
  • Is There a Role for Workforce Investment Boards in Place Branding?
  • A New Approach to Workforce Development: Demand Driven AND Supply Aware

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Self Sufficiency Report

EARI conducted a comprehensive labor market analysis to examine careers that pay a self-sufficient wage in San Diego County. The research, funded by the San Diego Workforce Partnership and in partnership with the United Way of San Diego, identified the significant obstacles facing low-skilled workers who are seeking employment that pays between $30,000-$70,000 per year. In addition to its general findings, the report identifies specific barriers and strategies for specific, more difficult to serve populations including formerly incarcerated, people with disabilities, older workers, and veterans.
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Illinois Clean Energy Study

The Clean Energy Trust (IL) has hired EARI to assist in a comprehensive review of the state’s clean energy industry, including labor market analysis, policy perceptions, and workforce challenges and opportunities.  The study, which will be released in 2014, will be the first comprehensive assessment of its clean energy industry and accounting of clean energy jobs in Illinois.


EARI has partnered with the NOVA Workforce Investment Board of Sunnyvale, California to foster diversity and develop new pathways for technology workers from underrepresented and disadvantaged populations. The program, which focuses on developing training, networks, mentorships, and sustainable career pathways is based on research that addresses the value and replicability of various components found in successful careers in tech. It also sets ambitious standards and focuses on breaking barriers and creating bridges for long-term, high paying career navigation.