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EARI is focused on issues and challenges related to economic mobility, sustainability and vitality—all critical to restoring America’s competitiveness.

Topics of focus include:

  • Education and its connectivity to employment and earnings: includes a detailed understanding of the role that cognitive and non-cognitive skills play in education and employment; examines the relationship between education and the impact it has upon economic growth and employment outcomes.
  • Innovation & regional economic development: examines the drivers of innovation within given industries, technologies or regions; assesses how regions have evolved over time and how they will continue to evolve.
  • Energy and its relationship to the economy and employment: how current and new energy technologies will impact the economy and employment now and into the future.
  • Immigration and its impact on the economy and employment: the impact of immigration (documented and undocumented) on economic development and the opportunities for employment.
  • Workforce development for special population: examines special populations such as prisoner re-entry programs, programs for younger or older workers, or any other special population that are being challenged finding meaningful employment.
  • International development: the opportunity to learn economic and workforce development lessons from outside the United States.
  • Emerging industry clusters: examines the evolving needs of employers.
  • Career pathways and lattices: identifies and describes career pathways and lattices to support economic and workforce development.

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